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A 401k is an IRS qualified plan established by an employer for the benefit of employees.  These plans allow employees to defer a portion of their wages into an investment portfolio on a pretax basis.  A 401k plan is a great employee benefit program that helps your employees save for retirement.  A recent survey ranked 401k's as the second most popular employee benefit next to health insurance.   


401k Plans Traditionally the real cost of a 401k is hidden inside the plan as a WRAP fee.  This is an asset based fee calculated off the assets in the plan.  The greater the assets of the 401k, the larger the cost.  Our agency exclusively offers turn-key and custom online 401k solutions utilizing a simple and transparent flat fee starting at $95.00 per month.


If you are a new or small business you may benefit from our simple, pre-packaged plan called the ExpressK.   Larger employers looking for an affordable 401k plan that still lets allows them to customize investment options may appreciate our CustomK plan.

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Contact a 401k Consultant at The Insurance Shop today to learn more about a flat-fee 401k solutions and other retirement products such as a Simple IRA and Super Simple IRA.

We partner with Decimal, Inc. to offer our online 401k solutions to our customers.  We use the same 401k plan for our agency staff because it of the flat fee pricing, investment options, and product service.  Find out how simple and affordable it can be to start a 401k plan for your office or employees today.

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401k Retirement


  Benefits of a 401k

Save for Retirment

Currently employees can defer up to $16,500 into a qualified 401k plan.

Retain Better Employees

Employees value having a 401k program and as many as 40% indicate it affects their decision about taking a job offer.

Reduce Taxes

Not only can you reduce personal tax liabilities with a 401k program, but the plan expenses are also tax deductible.

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