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Group Life

A group life insurance program pools all employees within a business together and helps achieve better discounts for coverage and easier underwriting guidelines.  Term life is the most common form of group life insurance and the coverage has become a popular employee benefit because it is typically less expensive than individual life coverage.


Group Life The Insurance Shop has access to over 20 major life insurance companies such as The Hartford, MetLife, Prudential, and New York Life.   Our goal is to help customers find affordable group life with a solid insurance carrier designed to fit the objectives behind the coverage.  Contact one of our Benefit Specialists today. 


Premiums for group life are primarily determined by the age, sex, and occupation of the entire group.  This coverage is a great way to help employees add additional protection for their families and ensure they have access to affordable life coverage.  Employers may contribute to the group life premiums to make allow access to a group plan on a voluntary basis.

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Group life and group health insurance are similar in the way they are underwritten.  Use the forms below to provide us with the necessary information to provide group life quotes for your office, or contact one of our Benefit Specialists today and let us help you design a group life plan for your employees.

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A Group term life policy is typically purchased under the employer's name.  Employees participating in coverage subscribe to the policy and receive a certificate of coverage.  Employees are allowed to defer any taxes up to $50,000, which helps offset some the premium payments.  Employers sponsoring a group term life program may be able to write off a portion of premium as a tax deduction.

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Group Benefits


  Reduced Life Insurance Rates

A group life policy provides lower life insurance rates than most individual life policies because the risk is spread out over the entire employee group.  Coupled with the pretax deduction for employees and employers, group life may make a lot of sense for your business.

In many circumstances employees have the option to convert a group life policy to an individual life policy in the event they are no longer employed by the group.

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