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Car Insurance

Get Great Rates on Car Insurance and Still Get Great Service

We understand that there are dozens of options to chosse from when it comes to auto coverage.  Several companies claim to save you tons of money on car coverage but the fact is many of the top insurance companies have less than a 5% difference in premium based on similar coverage features.


Car Insurance At The Insurance Shop, we are an independent online agency and we work with many of the best national and regional car insurance companies offering lower rates than Progressive or Geico.  Combine your home and car coverage and most of our carriers will take another 15% - 30% of your rates.  Contact and Insurance Shop Agent today and find out just how easy and fast it is to find affordable car insurance that still works. 


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Car Insurance Facts

Car accidents happen.  One in every 15 drivers will likely be in a auto accident this year.  Car insurance is there to porotect you from financial disaster.


Car insurance is designed to help cover the cost of repairs to your car, medical expenses to people in your car, and to help protect you against liability claims resulting from accidents where you may be at fault.


Car Policy Components:


Comprehensive physical damage  provides coverage for damages to your car for things like theft, vandalism, fire, and more.


Collision coverage pays for damages to your car when it is involved in an accident regardless of whether or not you are at fault.


Bodily jnjury covers bodily injury or death from an accident in which teh insured was at fault.


Property Damage covers the damage your vehicle causes to another person property.


Unisured / Underinsured motorist coverage pays for injuries and damages caused by drivers who may have left the scene or aren not properly covered.


Medical payments typically pay for medical expenses up to the policy limit for each individual in your car.



Auto Coverage


Buying Car Insurance

Most agents are incentivised by their insurance companies to sell their customers a "select" auto policy rather than the policy that best fits your needs.  Not all drivers need low deductbiles or medical payments coverage.  However, many agents want you to believe its about the same price.

Drivers can often save moeny on their auto and home insurance policies by removing unnecesary coverage and raising their deductibles to a higher limit.  The savings created by smart policy design may even be enough to cover the difference in the deducbile as soon as the first policy year.

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