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The Insurance Shop: Partner Programs

The Insurance Shop started out with two insurance carriers and an idea designed to improve business cash flow and the "value proposition" for payroll service providers and agents.  At that time nobody had heard of Pay As You Go insurance outside of the PEO industry, but we were about to change that.  Our agency began marketing our Pay As You Go workers compensation insurance program to payroll companies around the country in 2005, and the idea took off.


Today we are still on the forefront of Pay As You Go program insurance and are considered the industry leader.  We represent over 35 commercial insurance companies and provide access to Pay As You Go workers compensation and Pay As You Go general liability for hundreds of payroll service providers and agents throughout the U.S.  We are working with some of the best carriers in the country to build new payroll deducted insurance programs which allows for payroll deducted insurance premium for virtually all lines of insurance like auto and property.


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Why partner with the Insurance Shop?

We know Pay As You Go Insurance from quoting, reporting, to auditing.  And we're the best in the business when it comes to writing tougher to place accounts.  If you want the most carriers and a program that works like it should, consider The Insurance Shop.


Payroll Partners Back Office Insurance Programs

Whether you're looking for a simple and solid Pay As You Go solution for your payroll customers or you want to build a more substantial insurance agency to compliment your payroll services, The Insurance Shop can help.  We designed the blue prints for back office insurance programs like Pay As You Go and Agency Affiliation.  Contact us to learn more about out programs for payroll partners today.


Broker and Agent Programs

The Insurance Shop is always looking for new relationships with agents that help us grow and helps our partners find more success.  If you're looking for innovative insurance solutions and better market access, contact an Insurance Shop Specialist using the form on the right.


What is Pay As You Go Insurance


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Insurance Programs


Partner With The Insurance Shop

The Insurance Shop wants to partner with payroll companies and insurance agents throughout the United States.  We offer great revenue opportunities for our partners and we help them stand out in a tough marketplace.

Contact us today to learn more about how our wholesale and payroll insurance program divisions can help you win and keep more business with our Pay As You Go programs and access to markets for tougher classes of business.

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