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Pay As You Go Insurance

So who wants to pay a large upfront deposit for business insurance and then probably owe money at the end of the policy when the audit is completed?  Doesn't sound like the smartest business decision.  But its exactly how commercial insurance has worked for the past 100 years.


Rather than paying a 25% premium deposit upfront based on a educated guess about payroll, what if we said you could pay a $0 premium deposit and then report and pay your insurance premium each month or as you process payroll?  Sounds like a better decision business decision to us.


Introducing PayGo Insurance Solutions

Now business owners have a choice.  Pay insurance premium the old fashion way with a down payment and installments, or pay premium based on real payroll reports to improve cash flow and reduce audit risk.  Eligible lines include workers compensation and general liability insurance.



Comparing PayGo Insurance to Traditional Coverage


Traditional PayGo

Premium down payment required:



Premium based on estimated payroll:



Minimizes annual audit exposure:



Premium paid is accurate:



Maximized cash flow:




We give you options at The Insurance Shop.  Every time we shop your commercial insurance we offer traditional billings options and Pay As You Go options when your business qualifies.  Get started on a Pay As You Go insurance quote today!

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